wedding car hire

On your wedding day, everything should be perfect and your wedding car should look as gorgeous as you, making wedding car hire an important decision. Whether you go for vintage, modern or something completely quirky, you should arrive in style so that you not only look a million dollars, but feel it as well.

In order to get this right, there are a number of important aspects to consider, not least of which is the cost. For many, this will be the over-riding factor, however if you are fortunate enough for money to be no object, you will still need to think carefully before ordering that gold-plated monster truck, as practicality must also be taken into account.

Ideally, your choice of car should be a joint decision. Sometimes the groom is happy to let the bride have whatever she wants, although leaving the church in a pink Rolls Royce may not appeal to him and then there are still the matters of cost, practicality and availability. Those things taken in to account, there may be a car that has particular sentimental appeal to either of you, so you could even surprise your future spouse with their dream car, such as an Aston Martin DB4!

You may have something specific in mind but the wrong decision could be disastrous. An open-topped car would be fantastic, but unless you’re guaranteed dry weather, it might not be an ideal choice. Sports cars are also very popular, but the bride needs to look dignified and beautiful, so if the dress is too big for the sporty interior, the effect will be somewhat spoilt! The other extreme is a luxurious limousine (or maybe even that monster truck) but if the wedding venue is down a tight country lane or requires manoeuvring through twisty back streets, this may pose problems.

You may want your wedding car to match the colour scheme of your wedding day (although tartan might be a bit hard to come by) or a model of car which matches the theme of your day, for example a Cadillac or a vintage Ford Phaeton if your wedding has a 50s Americana feel.

Not leaving enough time to get these arrangements sorted out can be devastating and can even make some people feel as though their special day has been ruined if they cannot have exactly what they want, so it is important to do your research early on. This will enable your perfect transport to be firmly booked for the Big Day, or at least allow you plenty of time to look for suitable alternatives. You may even find something that is actually better than your original idea so it’s not necessarily the end of the world. Of course you want every aspect of your wedding day to be perfect, so with some careful consideration, you should hopefully not only get to the church on time, but in awesome style as well!