right to life

The world is a place where various types of organisms that lives together. Human being is considered as one of the major amount of population that is living in the world. Each person around the world has been provided with the certain role to play. Every human being must live happily together without any discrimination. They should love other human beings which makes the life easier for them.

Living Is A Right

People must live happily around each other without facing any problem between them. The right to life is a principle which states that each and every person has the right to live happily without fighting or killing each other. At early period of time people does not believe this right. They thought that people with power and privilege is only has the right to live. There was mass murder everywhere during that period of time. The master treats their workers as slave and they even killed them. After the development of human right this practice is abolished and the right is come into existence.

The various things that violate the right to live are capital punishment, suicide and abortion. In the capital punishment the government or authority provides death penalty as the punishment to the criminals those who performed certain serious crimes. In the suicide a particular person ends his own life on his own hand due to various reasons. The final violation is abortion. In this the parents kills their child at their womb itself. It is generally said that even the child at the womb has the right to live. Many people advocate that the abortion is the right of an individual. They can abort their own child if they don’t want. They even say that prenatal humans are not even considered as humans. There is certain anti-abortion advocate who argues that prenatal humans have the same right that is right to live as normal human beings.

There are some people who say that the right to live varies from one person to another based on certain conditions. It a particular person suffer more and he cannot able to live a normal life then the right to live does not suit for him. It is said that right to live will not suit for the entire person at all period of time.