Golf Rules

You need to pay attention on certain rules when it comes to golf. Game rules are essential to make the game fair. The rules applicable to golf are international and valid in the whole world.

 Basic rules on a golf course are pretty simple. It is extremely important to be honest and to show respect to co-players. Players need to pay attention on all moves, so no cheating. One should respect other players and play fair.


As for the game itself is rule number one is that you need to play top ball whether your ball is in a good lie or a bad lie. It is the starting point. Sometimes it is not possible and therefore, you have the right to change the ball position along certain rules. If you touch the ball with the stick, it counts as a stroke. You are only allowed to play with the approved clubs and balls.

There are a variety of special rules regarding replacement of the ball, when you can move and drop a ball, what happens if you fall off the track, or if you cannot hit the ball for some reason.

No one asks to be able to all these rules by heart. However, you should be able to find out. If you are still interested to learn more about golf and improve your practical knowledge, we suggest you to play golf in France, Brittany! You can rent your own chateau, and enjoy 10 very good golf courses to choose from.