Chateau in Brittany

I visited Brittany, France with my children and their cousins this year and we stayed at amazing chateau. This romantic and charming chateau is situated in Brittany and has enough room to accommodate 14 people. It was really nice that we could have whole chateau to ourselves. It was quite cheap, and the breakfast was included in the price.

Our room was large, with open fireplace and library. We spent our days swimming and enjoying in nice weather at the pool in from of the chateau.


Chateaus are part of French history and each one of them can tell you a stories from the past. We had a possibility to stay here for a week and experience how life of French royalite used to be.What we liked to most is that our chateau in Brittany was far away from crowded city.

If you are planning a wedding soon, we would highly recommend you to visit this castle and maybe even have a wedding ceremony here. It is very romantic and charming, and therefore, perfect for smaller and intimate weddings. You can even choose chateau as the wedding venue and feel like a royal on your special day.