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HomeCenterPhotoShooting photography for an Asian wedding can be an interesting change from Western-style weddings. Asian weddings and rituals date back as far as 2400 years ago, and the traditions involved in an Asian wedding will almost always take advantage of colour and ritual. Therefore, before documenting an Asian wedding, you may want to be up to speed on the cultural background, have some knowledge about it, and you want to know the wedding theme.

The following tips come from our friends at Lee Glasgow Wedding Photography (Leamington Spa, Warwickshire) and details the culture, language and potential shots that should be considered.

The Difference between Western and Asian Weddings

When it comes to an Indian wedding, you will hear a great deal of festive music, there will be colourful attire and the wedding will involve much dancing. Compared to the Christian weddings in the West, which require an invite, Indian weddings are open to everyone as large public ceremonies. In some cases, there have been as many as 2,000 people who gathered at the event. Instead of wearing white, in Japan, their brides wear a purple gown, while the Chinese wear red wedding gowns for good luck.

Fluency in the Language Helps

Having fluency in the language can also help or to have a translater so that you can be directed throughout the ceremony. During a Hindu wedding, one photographer said that they had the siblings of the wedding guide them. Before taking on a Hindu or Muslim wedding, ask the family for a step-by-step description of the wedding. Because the groups can be much larger than at Western weddings, trying to get an idea for the group in advance can let you organize the chaos and create a game plan for the shoot.

Potential Shots to Take

One of the biggest shots that you can take at an Asian wedding involves the bride’s sari dress. This becomes a major photo point, and because of the extravagant colours of Indian weddings, you will have to select the lighting venue carefully. In some cases, you may need extra 1/3 exposure comp. You will spend much of your day doing formal shots, which is different than a regular wedding.

The key to understanding an Asian wedding is how there will be a great deal of variation, so you want to speak with the client in detail. If they have hired a videographer, try to work closely with him or her to document the wedding better. Before starting an Asian wedding, you want to understand how it is done so that the photos of the couple’s perfect day are captured in memory forever.

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